Here you find the two online courses I have in English so far:

🍂 Pelvic Floor Awareness - for you who want to become more aware and present in your pelvic floor. The condition of your pelvic floor greatly affects your well-being and your ability to pleasure as well as sexual function. Here I offer practice and exercises that give results with inspiration from taoism and qigong.

🍂 Wuji Gong - a powerful qigong form in motion to create inner harmony and peace. It will help you to keep your body healthy, open and receptive. Your life energy will increase and you will cultivate connection to deeper dimensions and your inner guidance.

Below you also find a link to my English books - Irene Andersson

My mission is to increase people´s awareness of how important the Pelvic Floor is for our entire life experience.

Often the pelvic floor and its muscles are a misunderstood or forgotten area, perhaps assosiated with pain or just embarrassing... go home and squeeze, yes, but how do you do it? Are my muscles really too weak? Are they not a little to tense? How do you relax "down there"? And what does it matter?

The condition of the pelvic floor affect your well-being as well as your sexual function. Here you can get knowledge about the muscles and their function, specific training to soften the pelvic floor and squeezing exercises to strengthen the area. And maybe most important, learn how to increase flexibility and relaxation. The good news is that regardless of the reason for the tension the well-being will increase when practice the pelvic floor. Here I offer courses that give result.

Women often experiece a deep feeling of joy and love when the pelvic floor relaxes and
the sex is awakened to its full potential. Reclaiming the ability to pleasure gives a strong sense of satisfaction.

As men begin to relax and use their muscles more conscously, they can begin to build their orgasmic energy
in relaxation and thus prolong the ability to pleasure. It has been shown that pelvic floor training can increase
men´s endurance during intercource.

Self-love and gratitude for one´s own body usually come along.

"The pelvic floor holds both your spiritual and sexual potential"!

Wuji Gong 

Wuji Gong is a wonderful Qigong form. It is nice and flowing to do and leads quickly to inner peace and relaxation. I have been teaching qigong for over 25 years and this is one of my absolute favorites. It always provided me with a reliable place for grounding, connection and trust.
You will connect to the powers of the four directions and the as above and the so below. Taoism and shamanism meet. You merge with the forces of nature and the universe. See parts in the trailer here to the left! 

Wuji Gong will help you to find your gifts and life purpose!

Your guide in the courses

Irene Andersson is an experienced workshop leader and body coach. She has
over 25 years of exploration of different alternative methods, travel and learning
in different countries, which has led to a unique combination of knowledge, experience and tools.

She combines modern research with wisdom from different thought traditions that has an holistic view. Her speciality is taoist sexual practice with focus on the pelvic floor and sexual health. Irene is passionate about sharing her knowledge of our bodies, how we can balance our life force enrgy and erotic possibilities.

She has gathered her insights in her books: "Create Health with Your sexual Energy: The Tao Approach for Womens Well-being" and "Create Health with Your sexual Energy: The Tao Approach for Mens Well-being"

Read more about Irene, her books and work here: www.pelvicflorawareness.com/en

Irene Andersson
Books by Irene: