Wuji Gong

A dynamic form of qigong that combines movement and mindfulness
to cultivate harmony and inner peace.

If you're looking for a deeply transformative form of Qigong that quickly can enhance your presence and awareness, this course is for you. It's like a dance with the universe, where each movement is carefully designed to connect you with the forces of nature in all four directions, above and below. By integrating balanced energy from your environment into your physical and energy body, you can experience a new level of relaxation, centering, and balance.
As an experienced Qigong instructor, Wuji Gong is one of my absolute favorites, always providing me with a reliable source of new energy, clarity, and alignment with my inner guidance. It's easy to learn and only takes 20 minutes to perform. In this online course, I will guide you step by step through the practice. / Irene

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Wuji Gong can assist you in living a more in harmonious life in tune with
your true nature, guided by your heart, not just your mind.

Here is a trailer with the Wuji Gong online course to show you some of the movements!


 In this comprehensive course you will experience the transformative power of Wuji Gong. You will be expertly guided through the earth and heavenly sequences, step by step. As you move through each posture, you will unlock a deep sense of flow and energy within your body, while simultaneously achieving a profound sense of centeredness and inner peace.
Through the practice of Wuji Gong, you will have the opportunity to explore the deeper dimensions of yourself, allowing you to tap into the infinite wisdom of your soul. Regular practice will enable you to stay grounded in your body and stay in tune with the important things in life. Wuji Gong is the key to unlocking harmony with your natural self, enabling you to live from a place of deep authenticity, beyond the constraints of the mind.

The core of this powerful practice lies in accessing the boundless peace and love that resides within us all, and mastering the skill to enter the mystery of life itself. Join us on this journey towards a more fulfilling and enlightened existence.

In this comprehensive online course, you will learn the theory, principles, and background of Wuji Gong. The course includes warm-up exercises, deep earth pulsing, a review of the different movements, the Wuji Gong form itself, and a lying down practice for an inner journey.

- The "Wuji Gong" course is packed with almost three hours of recorded material, including videos, audio files, images, and texts.
- You will receive tips for the exercises, practice classes, the full form, and guided meditations to deepen your experience.  
- You will also have access to a community of fellow learners where you can share your experiences and ask questions.
- Plus, you can practice whenever and wherever you want to build your energy and deepen your practice.  
- Your access to the course is valid for a full year (12 months), giving you plenty of time to explore and integrate Wuji Gong into your life.

Course Curriculum

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At the core there is only peace and love!


With over 20 years of experience teaching Qigong, I am excited to guide you through the transformative practice of Wuji Gong. My passion for Qigong was ignited by taoist sexual practices that increase body awareness, sensitivity and pleasure.

Since 2006, I have been a Wuji Gong instructor and teacher trainer, having studied under the guidance of Andrew Fretwell. In addition to Qigong, I offer body therapies such as Lymphatic Fascia Massage, Chi Nei Tsang and Voice Dialogue sessions.
As a teacher and practitioner, I am also committed to promoting pelvic floor awareness and health, and I offer online courses on this subject.    

You can learn more about me, my books, and my work at pelvicfloorawareness.com/en
Thank you for choosing to embark on this journey with me.  

Warmly Welcome to the course!

Irene Andersson


 Taoism and shamanism come together
 ” So grateful that I got to try this form. The flow started immediately, so deep, beautiful and feminine. Strong contact with the pelvic floor. Wonderful that the Taoist and shamanic are interwoven. The best of two worlds. Bubbling, flowing and happy body. Irene is a fantastic teacher, everything is rooted in her and in her heart. She teaches from there, which leads direct into the hearts of the students. She is som strong, soft and knowledgeable, and has a wonderful voice. THANK YOU”.  

Deep and healing space
“From the bottom of my heart my warmest thanks for the deep healing space you created during the Wuji Gong course Irene! In the flow that opens up in the room, I am reminded of my ancient feminine power and self-healing ability, beyond all words. Your guidance vibrates with warmth, wisdom, knowledge and presence and I feel a deeper energy and an increased feeling of security in my own body, and also an increased feeling of security and contact with our earth.” 

Wordless communication
Thank you for a nice course in Wuji Gong in Visby. I can clearly feel that Qigong in any form becomes like an extension of language. When words are not enough or I can not articulate what I want to say, Qigong does it. It is like when I paint “Vedic Art” (meditative painting). The wordless communication that makes me feel som good! It is so beautiful and I am becoming beautiful too. You are also very educational and good at teaching!”
 Camilla B 

Magic – it always works! 
”Wuji Gong is a nice movement meditation. Which immediately makes me calm and grounded. Connection with the different directions and the "as above" and the "so below" feels so fundamental and natural to my inner well-being. The magic is that it always works”  

Easy to learn, pleasant to perform!
A Qigong form that is easily accessible and pleasant to perform. It gives a wonderful feeling of joy that the body remembers and I want more of it. My everyday life gets off to a good start with more presence and a balanced focus”.   
Anna-Lena, 45 year

Better sleep and better stomach!
“I was curious about Wuji Gong and thought that now I will practice it every day for a month. After one to two weeks I noticed that the quality of my sleep improved, I sleep more deeply for a longer time at night, which makes me feel more rested. I have celiac disease and have a very sensitive stomach for example, I can not tolerate wheat starch even though it can be called gluten-free. My stomach is not as sensitive any more, I do not have as strong reactions as before. So this has really motivated me to continue doing Wuji Gong! Felt I had to share this with you. Am so happy and grateful that I could attend your course!
 Camilla B