Pelvic Floor Awareness

Simple and effective exercises for relaxation, felxibility and strength that give result

Do you suspect that you have tight pelvic floor muscles?
You may have problem with incontinence, pain during intercource, premature ejaculation, sexual function, diffuse pain or poor contact with your genitals. Or you may feel that you are not in control and have lost touch with your pelvic floor.

The causes of tension, or a weak pelvic floor, can be many, everything from stress, bad posture, high demands, sexual performance and pregnancy to trauma, shame and bad unconscous habits.

The good news is that regardless of the reason for the unbalance, your well-being will increase as you softening and strengthening your pelvic floor.


This online cource is for you who want to increace your understanding of your pelvic floor muscles and connection to your gender. The method is simple and clear. You learn about the muscles anatomy and function, where you can find them in your self, how to activate them and how to strengthening them and help them relax.

When you increase strength, flexibility and presence in your pelvic floor the blood circulation and flow of energy enhanses. Then you will feel more and all functions are improved. However studies have shown that many do not know what muscles it is and how to squeeze properly and are not in contact with their genitals at all. But with the right knowledge, awareness and guidence basicly everybody can learn this.

You will also get more grounded in your body, the life force increase and sexual function will improve. This applys to both men and women.

This is what you get:

- What muscles are they?
- Their function.
- Where can you find them in yourself?
- How to activate them.
- How to practice.
- How to help them to relax.

Content: pelvic floor anatomy, different symptoms and causes to problem, physical practice, squeezing exercises, relaxation and meditation.

 "I got an insight into my own pelvic floor for the first time for real. An understanding of the "construction" and tools to discover more. Nuanced contact with "new" muscles and an insight that I can squeeze in several different ways. It was a very good mix of concrete theory, practical exercises and meditative elements." // Calle, 43 year

"Got a whole new insight into how my pelvic floor looks and works. I think I can squeeze better and feel that it is very basic to do the exercises. Like the energy wakes up and it becomes "more fun" to be there. The squeezing exersice where we squeeze more sensually is very pleasant and energizing. As if the contact leads to a wonderful feeling growing from my deepest place. Is clearly more aware of my pelvic floor and how it feels. Inspiring in many ways, wanting more and also study Tao and how I can take advantage of all this energy that seems to be within me!" // Berit, 39 year

Course Curriculum

Your guide in the cource:

Your guide in the cource is Irene Andersson, author, workshop leader and teacher in taoist sexual practice and pelvic floor awareness with more than 20 years of experience. She combines modern research with wisdom from different eastern traditions that has an holistic view.

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